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Jane Langton is a Certified Sexual Health Educator & Speaker. She is an advocate for access to relevant sexual health education and information across the lifespan. Jane loves facilitating extraordinary conversations in her private practice, locally and globally and is passionate about creating a comfortable and safe space for people to finally speak candidly about the most intimate and seemingly difficult topics, often for the first time.

Find “what’s next” on the frontier of integrative medicine, human sexuality, nutrition & neuroscience!

  • Clitoraid aims at empowering FGM victims by helping reach their first orgasm


  • Clitoraid is about celebrating sexual freedom and pleasure for all women in the world


  • Clitoraid is about promoting campaigns against female circumcision


  • Clitoraid is about promoting free sexuality and exploration of masturbation


  • Clitoraid is about sharing pleasure, hope. kindness and femininity


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Your Happiness Matters is hosted and directed by Gayle Damiano. She is a board certified health coach and Reiki practitioner and an expert on personal transformation. 


Together you will create a personalized road map to healing that will allow you to blossom into a happy, healthy, human.  Your path may include referrals through the YHM network of healers to maximize your potential for breakthroughs in transformation.


From the moment you sign up for this conversation with Gayle, your transformation will begin.  



The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (thecsph.org) is a sexuality education and training organization that works to reduce sexual shame, challenge misinformation, & advance the field of sexuality. This is achieved by coordination of professional trainings, educational, initiatives, and community events. Put simply, we work to educate people and spark dialogue, especially around topics that may be very difficult, in service of creating a more sexually literate society and promoting sexual health and wellness.