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Inspiring & supporting sexual fulfillment, empowerment and wellness in the lives of women around the world! 

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"I highly recommend you check out Sensheant Magazine. This is the smartest, savviest, most beautiful magazine on sexuality for women I have ever seen.
It’s gorgeous and the content is absolutely fantastic.”
Amy Jo Goddard,
Sexual Empowerment Expert and Author of "Woman On Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power, and Sexual Intelligence"


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"Grab yourself a print copy of Sensheant Magazine! The content is thought provoking, educational and entertaining and it's so visually beautiful! I am beyond impressed and inspired. I love it!”Monica Aparicio, Creator of
                                                                      The Wellness Lounge

"I'm definitely sharing your empowering magazine with friends and family.
There are so many topics that have the great potential to serve as catalysts for meaningful discussions among women. Topics that are far too often not shared because our bodies and sexuality have been deemed as cultural stigmas. Your publication chips away at this stigma. Kudos to you for recognizing and filling that need for us! I look forward to the next juicy issue.”
Lisa, NJ

"Galaxies away from Cosmo..."–NPR's The Takeaway

"If you like women, you'll like this magazine. If you love women, you'll love this magazine. If you love making love to a woman – her body as well as her mind – then Men, this magazine is for you.”–Michael B., NY

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