December 2014



Issue 3 2015
Stories include: The Neurology of Pleasure - Dr. Claire Fitzpatrick on the neuroscience behind sexual pleasure; Audio Erotica - with Raven Fox; Healthy and Happy Vagina - Tips by Bonnie Gayle; Dressing for Sex-cess - with Tania Sterl; Porn, Protesters, and Patriarchy – Eric Vogel elaborates; Anal Sex: What’s the Deal? - Experts and laywomen weigh in; Sexual Desire and the Law of Attraction - by Stephanie Pederson; One of Us - Sheila Pearl shares her first tantric experience at the age of 64; Sensheant’s First Centerfold!  - Laurie Handlers, proves that sixty-plus is sexy! Big, Beautiful Sex – an interview with Elle Chase;  We The Unbroken - Jess Kirkham’s photo essay on sexual abuse survivors’ healing and empowerment; Pelvic Heart Integration – Isis Phoenix interviews Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol; Know Your Flow - A soul-centered look at menses with Roxanna Minnona; A Week in the Life of a Domme – humor; Unlock your Venus and Ignite your Mars - with astrologer Mecca Woods; Q&A - with Sexpert Tanja Diamond; Catherine Gigante-Brown’s Herotica, and  Vibrator Madness! – the ‘personal massagers’ of yesteryear




Issue 2
Stories include: Portal to the Feminine - The pussy as our gateway to power by Pamela Madsen; Wise Woman Breast Health with Sensual Shaman Isis Phoenix; Are Yogis are Better Lovers? raise your pleasure principle with Ariel Kiley; Shut the H Up! - the stigma of Herpes; Restoring Dignity and Pleasure to Female Genital Mutilation Survivors - about Clitoraid; Betty Dodson: Creating an army for orgasm; Using Honesty and Desire to Get What You Want with Tazima Davis; Sex Toy Safety - a Shopping Guide; Shooting for Sensual Truth - the boudoir photography experience; The Spiritual Practice of Seduction with Kitty Cavalier; Owning Sexual Identities by Margaret Wolff; Use it or Lose it - EditrixAbby on staying sexually active after 50; New Mothers Wanting but Waning - Sex Talk with Sarah Olin; Interview: A Motion for MasturbationAre We Really Monogamous? Rach Wilson argues ‘no’; Red Tantra in the Red Collar IndustryQ&A with Sexpert Tanja Diamond; Herotica - including an audio-erotica performance


Issue 1
Stories include: Sexual Agency in a Sex-Negative World with sexual empowerment expert Amy Jo Goddard; When Sex Hurts - Nicole Brocco shares her story of living with painful intercourse; BDSM: Setting the Scene for Safe PlayHow are Voice and Sexuality Connected? with embodiment and expression expert, Megwyn White; How do you Identify? The Senshēənt LGBTQ community explore identity; Sensual Aromatherapy with Valerie Bennis; A Chakra Path to Sensuality Through Belly Dance by Veronica Spettmann;  Unleashing the Faces of the Divine Feminine - Elizabeth Keller on the inner Divine Whore – Do we all have one?; Sex: The Yin and Yang of Turn On from acupuncture & herbal medicine expert Sarah Chase; Searching for Arousal by Tanja Diamond; Measuring Up - Taking a stand against negative body image with Bonnie Gayle; Sex After Menopause? A resounding YES! by Gynecologist Dr. Ottenheimer; Herotica: Erotic Non-fiction; It’s All in the Hips - Bernadette Pleasant on hip movement and stuck energy, shame or trauma; Frickle-Frackle Time - humor by Christine Waldman