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Senshēǝnt Magazine: A Conversation about Women’s Sexuality, 2014-2015, was created by Publisher & Editor in Chief Rebecca Church, Creative Director & Executive Editor Cynthia Spence, and Managing Editor Vanessa Viglietta. Senshēǝnt’s mission was to create a community of dialogue that inspired and supported sexual fulfillment, empowerment, and wellness in the lives of women around the world. Prescient of the pussy marches #metoo movement, our community aimed for an all-inclusive quarterly publication exploring LGBTQ, BDSM, OM and all other acronym-ed communities from A to Z.

“In a culture where sexuality is the subject of both obsession and repression, the opportunity for women ages 18 to 108 to discover and experience sexuality in ways that are supportive and fulfilling is too often lost in the stigmatized paradigm of our polarized sexual climate. We explore the inherent value of sexuality as the very cornerstone of women’s wellness, vitality and power. We foster an ongoing conversation, and explore the issues that help create a culture—local, national, global—that is respectful of women as sexual beings; one where women feel they are safe expressing their sexuality/sensuality how they see fit. As women, we're often not accustomed to looking at sex from a perspective of self-care and personal development, but in these pages, we do!”


Senshēǝnt curated both professional and amateur interviews, advice essays, first-person narratives, erotica, humor and photo essays by contributors ranging from leading sexuality experts to first-time writers, all with knowledge to impart and conversations to start. We are very grateful for our many contributors, volunteers, supporters and fans, all who’ve started new conversations—and subsequent changes—around women’s sexuality. 

"I highly recommend you check out Senshēǝnt Magazine. This is the smartest, savviest, most beautiful magazine on sexuality for women I have ever seen. It’s gorgeous and the content is absolutely fantastic.”
Amy Jo Goddard, Sexual Empowerment Expert and Author of "Woman On Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power, and Sexual Intelligence"

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Senshēǝnt sat down with National Public Radio's The Takeaway, to discuss the magazine's importance in transforming mainstream conversations about women and sex. Click here

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